Friday, April 21, 2017

DAY #19: And May They No Longer Study War - Mars

Mars, Bringer of War
by Michael Romani

Encamped on the edge of apostasy
In a reliance on outdated astrology
There is a cobbled together prophecy
That hints at man's crimson inclinations
Toward a warlike sense of hircosity
Found foremost in war between nations

Beyond these planets with a time and word
Is the instinctual feeling bound to be stirred
That that crassest of all of these emotions
Is this warlike bellicosity filled with motion
Unconventional meter and blatant dissonance
Are the mood picture establishing distance

The distance meant to keep peace between men
Men who cannot help but to fall into mortal sin
Sins that rule our lives; sins such as the danger
Of allowing ourselves to fall to uncontrolled anger
The rocky torment of this sonic torment of revelation
Only hints at man's possible and final annihilation

(c) April 20, 2017 Michael Romani


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