Thursday, April 20, 2017

DAY #18: Both Sides of The Magician - Uranus

a planetary poem
by MeteorMags

One side lies in darkness
never seeing light.
One side burns eternal day
to never see the night.

Celestial protogenitor,
Holst called you the Magician
whose wand bridges Earth and Heaven
to bring Idea to life.

Crowley called you Genius
but he knew the other side:
the pole unknown by light
descends to madness.

Without love, she turns to cruelty.
Thwarted, she seeks vengeance
like the Furies spawned from your blood
falling on the Earth.

But your blood on the waves birthed Beauty
who tempered the Furies,
turned them from their merciless mission
and made them protectors of her realm.

Thus, we know you are of two minds,
Uranus, Varuna, your coiled serpent rises.
Your first children were monsters.
Let us remember love, lest we become them.


Poems can be submitted at the drop boxes on LEA 4, or by emailing them to caledoniaskytower at g mail (dot) com.

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