For Corporeals

I have come up with a way that you can still participate in this project, but I have to be honest: the degree of immersion will not be the same.  I am creating some short video highlights of the various planets in this project, and I will be adding more over the next few weeks.

Take a moment and read the INSTRUCTIONS tab for the project to get an understanding of it (realizing that you have no intention of doing this "in-world," as we say).

Below I will be posting the highlight videos and links to the corresponding movement in the symphonic suite.  I have purposely not made the videos sync to the music.  The editing has a similar pace as the music, but the intention was to share the imagery, not to create a music video.


Venus, Bringer of Peace

Click here for Music Link

Mercury, The Winged Messenger

Click here for Music Link

Rights to all poems submitted are retained by the authors of those poems.

Postscript 5.31.17: Poetry of the Planets is now closed in Second Life, and the project completed. No subsequent videos were posted as no interest was shown, though some had been expressed.

If you are interested in finding out more of what this project was about, and what the environments were like, please enjoy this video interview and partial tour from the award-winning program Designing Worlds Episode DW336 from May 22, 2017.

Thank you for your interest!

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  1. Your Venus video is beautiful. It really highlights the subtle features who have created inworld. Goes pefectly with the music. CMS.