Monday, May 29, 2017

DAY #54 - Jupiter's Ball Today

Our last event is today, a little sad and a lot celebratory.

Join us for JUPITER'S BALL Today from 1-3pm slt, as DJ Dano Bookmite provides the perfect musical bookend to our project.  No torturing with the maze, this slurl will take you right to Jupiter's Ballroom.  (Or look for teleport signs at the main landing area on Olympus Island)
Image by Wildstar Beaumont, for Designing World's DW336
And, just because it seems fitting, a reprise of MeteorMags planetary poem to Jupiter.

a planetary poem
by MeteorMags

you make me laugh until we tumble
into this drift like asteroids
coaxed by gravity

to surround this jovial hydrogen bastard
who disturbs the belt with his frivolities
and storms

laughter heals and lifts us past the pain
your tears on my shoulder and fictions
we dream together

love me for an hour then leave
traces of your orbit and clues you give

to the sadness of the inner planets
where life only makes them realize
they’re small

i will never let them touch you
with telescopes and equations
I will erase their blackboards and crush their lenses

until all they know is mystery like a fool
i would keep you to myself
though your brightness burns for everyone

annihilation comes easily
rejuvenation takes more effort
or none at all

one word
one touch
will inspire


Poetry of the Planets will close on LEA 4 at 8am slt on Wednesday, May 31st. Some submitted works will continue to be posted here.
Thanks one and all for participating!

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  1. Very nice. Thank you for sharing these deep and wonderful thoughts in poetic verse.