Sunday, May 28, 2017

DAY #53: Poems & Stories Today at 3:30pm slt

Today, the work of over a dozen Second Life Residents who have contributed compositions to the Poetry of the Planets project will be showcased in a live reading event.

Poetry & Stories of The Planets 
Sunday, May 28th  3:30-4:30pm slt
Poetry of the Planets Events - LEA 4

Two more of Aeon Woodford's Cycle of Odes today!

Ode: to Mercury 
By Aeon Woodford

With messages both sad and propitious
Mercurial Messenger —with wingĂ©d shoes 
And hat and sun god-gifted caduceus,
In uncharted heavens dost thou cruise. 

Inventor of the lyre, Thou would’st  approve 
Of high-pitched harp and flute and glockenspiel 
Employed to praise and describe thy quantum move.
We climb the spiral staircase thy missives to unseal.

One white-hot side thy planet shows the sun;
The nether region e’er cold and dark. 
Th’incredible heat the other planets shun
Gives words thou would’st bring that we must hark.

Light side, dark side—bad news or good—
    Your heav’nly words we need have understood. 

Ode: To Saturn
By Aeon Woodford

O Saturn, thou ancient Bringer of Old Age, 
The elder father to the rest, whose reign
Was known for plenty and peace, whose sage
Rule gave us earth’s bounty with no pain.

His celebratory music—unsettling, slow—swells
A heavy march, like the long upward climb
Past windows of the soul. With brassy bells
To mark inexorably the passage of time.

The zenith—obfuscated by white fleecy haze—
Where one abruptly drops into abyss
Or otherwise may into fathoms gaze
And ponder the void in search of bliss.

Gas giant floating in the void, do the rings around

Thy girth constrain thee as we mortals are also bound?


Poetry of the Planets will close on LEA 4 at 8am slt on Wednesday, May 31st. Some submitted works will continue to be posted here.
Thanks one and all for participating!

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