Thursday, May 25, 2017

DAY #50: Playing Catch-Up with Neglected Neptune

Yes, the ancient creator of horses has been feeling neglected indeed, and so we give him another day in appeasement.

More wonderful odes from Aeon Woodford.

Ode: To Neptune
By Aeon Woodford

The Mystic Neptune, transcendent, gives us cause
To focus out on where his sphere does spin,
Immanent, conversely, gives us pause
To meditate on treasures deep within.

Melodic harp and strings, which culminate
In crowning exaltation—mystic choir,
A tribute to thine other worldly state
That draws us always deep—yet ever higher.

The brilliant, buoyant objects of thy state
Countless fathoms ‘neath tumultuous brine
From bubble perch we bobbl’ing contemplate
Primordial ooze, distracted from thy grand design.

If this protective shell would popping, break our stance,
Then finally we’d rejoin the great expanse.

Poems and stories (2000w or less) can be submitted at the drop boxes on LEA 4, or by emailing them to caledoniaskytower at g mail (dot) com. And YES, feel free to illustrate your submissions!

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