Wednesday, May 24, 2017

DAY #49 - Neptune is getting lonely!

Through the generosity of Elrik Merlin, we have a dedicated segment of this week's Designing Worlds Episode 336 to share, in which this project is featured. Thank you Sir!

I encourage you to make time to view the entire episode and then check out the installations at the LEA Estate.  Designing Worlds Episode DW336 

And on with the poetry! We haven't been to soothing Neptune in a while, but several diligent visitors rectified that yesterday.

Another lovely image by Wildstar Beaumont, shot for Designing Worlds Episode DW336

Neptune's Realm
© 2017 by Corwyn Allen

The reefs team with life.
Anemones sway with gentle movements,
while small, colorful fish dart in and out
of their tendrils, taking sanctuary there
among the barbs that will not harm them.
Corals extend delicate feathers to feed,
quickly snapping back into their hard, calcium
homes at being startled by possible predators.
Urchins, some with spines like thick clubs, others
whose spines are thin, black needles, crawl over
sea floor and across the many corals.
Sea horses and dragon fish with their fins like
cloaks of fine colorful lace swim slowly past.
Above the coral bed a school of turtles glides
by on a never ending journey around the sea.
And there comes a school of silver fish, hundreds
of them unconcerned by anything in their path
as they swim around it, momentarily engulfing
whatever it is in a bright cloud of flashing light.
there's more...

Turning seaward away from the color and
movement of the reef, the vast, vista of the
ocean spreads before you, and you lose all
sense of distance, space, and time. The sea
floor extends away from you, joining the deep
blue of the water until all you see is a blank canvas,
but one that is staring back at you, beckoning.

It is at once magnificent and frightening, and you
are suddenly overcome with a touch of vertigo
as if you were looking downward into a deep,
endless well, and you feel as if something huge
and possibly menacing will suddenly charge
toward you out of the blueness. 

This is the home of things that come to men
only in dreams, or nightmares. The place
of predators with teeth to rend flesh or tentacles
to hold fast. But, it is also the place of the
leviathans. Great, warm blooded, slow moving 
beings with a sentience only barely glimpsed
by mankind. Those who nurture their young
with the same affection a human mother would.
Those who sing songs the meanings of which
we cannot know or understand.

Listen with your body as you swim in their home.
Feel the song run through you, vibrating to your
very soul. Know, if only in the smallest way
their joy, their sadness, their story.

Poems and stories (2000w or less) can be submitted at the drop boxes on LEA 4, or by emailing them to caledoniaskytower at g mail (dot) com. And YES, feel free to illustrate your submissions!

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