Saturday, April 15, 2017

DAY #13: Peace is a Pearl ~ More from Venus

Venus, Bringer of Peace
by Corwyn Allen

As the nacreous excretions
that slowly cover the
grain of sand, relieving 
the oyster's irritation,
so too does music,
soft and gentle, relieve
stress, easing the mind.

As the pearl forms, smooth
and white, yet containing
hints of rainbow iridescence 
dancing on its surface,
so too do the thoughts
that whirled as a storm,
calm, slowing to rest.

As the mind, once turbid
is calmed by music, 
the restlessness smooths
and a gentleness 
overcomes all that once
irritated like a grain of sand,
and I am at peace.

© 2017 by Corwyn Allen


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