Sunday, May 21, 2017

DAY #46 - A Poetic Bonanza!

Wow!  There has been a lot of composing going on at LEA 4 in the past few days.  Thank you one and all!  Remember, get your work submitted in the next few days to have it be considered for presentation with the Poems & Stories of the Planets on May 28th!

Aeon Woodford has written a series of odes, each as wonderful as its predecessor.  I'll feature them over several days.

The ode is one of the classic forms of poetry.  To learn more about the ode as a form ( and be linked to several great examples), visit the Poetry Foundation, who provide terrific glossary information on poems and poetry.

Ode: to Jupiter
By Aeon Woodford

Sanguine Bringer of Jollity, King of gods, 
Jupiter, thou deity beyond all praising! 
So, toward Olympus we’d transcend the sod
That on thy visage we’d then be gazing.

Cascading pastel ribbons like colored glass,
Translucent veils concealing and revealing—
Joined with waltzing strings and urban brass—
Assure us in the presence we’ll be kneeling.

Up the winding stairs we climb to chance
To meet the one who brings the Jollity.
A festive dais where we may drink and dance
And join the ruler of all polity.

Then Danae, Leda, and others who met him we recall—
And unobtrusively we tip-toe from the hall. 


Poems and stories (2000w or less) can be submitted at the drop boxes on LEA 4, or by emailing them to caledoniaskytower at g mail (dot) com. And YES, feel free to illustrate your submissions!

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  1. How wonderful to see AEon's work here. I know he enjoyed writing it, as we explored Poetry of the Planets together. Each planetary globe is striking and expressive, capturing the spirit of its historic meaning. Thank you, Cale, for this opportunity to learn, to enjoy the beauty of Holst's music and your creation, and to express our experience of this exceptional installation.