Saturday, May 6, 2017

DAY #33 - More for Venus, Doncha' Love Her?

We were a little under the weather yesterday, so this is the post for Friday, May 5th.

Venus, Bringer of Peace
by Michael Romani

In the early 1900s, so many were struck by Theosophy
Falling into studying the occult, tarot and astrology
There was a hope in understanding the art of synthesis
Sadly, it never panned out in history's final analysis

In one of seven orchestral pieces Venus answered Mars
As mankind wished upon wishes unto the heavenly stars
That from man's long history of war, peace might be found
If only this borrowing and sharing of ideas on peace
Might find a way to bring fallen man it's just release

Gazing with fondness on the soft response so sublime
Venus brought her peace in her steady cadence of time
With it came a solid sense of abiding adoration
That peace might find this world and bless every nation

(c) April 20, 2017 Michael Romani


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