Sunday, April 23, 2017

DAY #21: Saturn and Gratitude

The word is spreading about this project!  My thanks to Ryce Skytower and Ceakay Ballyhoo, both of whom recently posted about their visits to LEA 4.  (Ryce has done several posts, which you can navigate to from the one linked above)  

Thank you all!  Keep spreading the word.  We have a lot of poetry time left to go!

 Saturn: The Chronophage
A Sonnet by Hypatia Pickens

Had Dominique Cassini only known,
While charting the divide of Saturn’s rings,
That his namesake for twenty years had flown,
And now between those icy belts it swings.
Old Chronos, you consumer of the years!
For centuries you’ve strained our patient eye.
Then Holst transformed the music of your spheres,
And listening we watch our vessel die.
That science wasted time let no one say,
In sending our watcher into Saturn's maw;
It speaks eight hundred million miles away.
We did not conquer, but we came, we saw.
   Our art the god of time may yet devour
   But time and art will tell Cassini's hour.

"Earth Day," April 22, 2017  

Poems can be submitted at the drop boxes on LEA 4, or by emailing them to caledoniaskytower at g mail (dot) com.

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