Monday, April 3, 2017

DAY #1: Opening and the First Poem

We had a terrific first day, with a terrific crowd for DJ Dano and his stellar music set.

This is an opportunity for me to give a shout out to some folks who helped me get Poetry of the Planets off the ground:

  • Super "Minions" Shandon Loring and Rick Qargen, who backed me up, helped problem solve, kept me company, were my sounding board when I had to solution shop, and endlessly checked links.
  • LaPiscean Liberty, my LEA Liason who always says "Yes Mam'" and sometimes hangs out to make sure I don't plummet from my own stratosphere.
  • Armon Aeon and Dagmar Kohine, good friends who bailed me out when the respective Rose and Bubble crises hit.
  • Bear Silvershade for the loan of his dance stuff . . .  yet again!
  • Corwyn Allen for spreading the word, where ever he could, among those who poem in SL.
  • And Dano Bookmite for just being so much fun as a DJ, and so easy to work with.
Thank you, one and all!

Here is our first submitted poem:

The Venus Illusion
By Evelyn Held

All so beautiful, so serene.
A softness that floats,
begs you to drift,
downy-winged and confident.

She never confesses,
smiles mischievous and coy,
of the facade of delight
the passionate tumbling.

Fragrant roses hide
a truth seashell brittle,
rough edged, that can cut
leave lacerating scars.

Love, true love,
the kind she does reveal,
not just at first,
does not float or plummet.

It waits, and grows slowly
fed by light, water, tender care.
And like the seed,
sprouting is never guaranteed.


Poems can be submitted at the drop boxes on LEA 4, or by emailing them to caledoniaskytower at g mail (dot) com.

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  1. Venus was beautiful!!! Lovely poem!! the title is perfect!