Tuesday, May 9, 2017

DAY #37: Two Haiku - Mercury

Carol Rainbow came through LEA 4 yesterday in about an hour (slightly longer than Holst's Symphonic Suite played in entire) and wrote a series of haiku for many of the planets.

I love haiku!  It's wonderful economy teaches you how to squeeze meaning, express, and evoke with every fraction of every syllable.  Here are two of Carol's

SL "cousin" and blogger Ryce Skytower has stopped by Jupiter and taken on the challenge of Jupiter's Maze and the search for the Stair of the Gods.  His review is HERE.  Thanks Cuz! 


Poems and stories (2000w or less) can be submitted at the drop boxes on LEA 4, or by emailing them to caledoniaskytower at g mail (dot) com. And YES, feel free to illustrate your submissions

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